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Making dreams a reality

by WIEF Foundation

As was the case of many of her graduate friends, Alaa Sabbagh, a 27-year-old Palestinian graduate, realised that seeking employment was no longer an option.

‘Many graduates are talented and creative but they can’t find jobs. I think these talents should be invested in, especially in the governorate of Tulkram in Palestine which suffers from a high rate of unemployment.’

Sabbagh’s concern about the harsh situation of women in the governorate of Tulkram, as many of them are the breadwinners of the family, was the drive behind her determination to make her business succeed. After graduating, she volunteered in many organisations and companies in hopes to find doors of opportunities. Her experience only confirmed one thing, she needed to stop waiting to be employed and take her future into her own hands. ‘I found myself able to lead a team so I decided to create an opportunity for myself and others.’

Sabbagh planned to invest in her own creative talents and utilise her passion for fashion design by steering it in the right direction. Her dream is to one day own a couture house that specialises in modern fashion styles blending in with Palestinian traditional styles. ‘I want to encourage the future generations to wear modern Palestinian dresses, and to change the general perception that these form of dresses are only made for older women.’

To develop her skills she participated in many SME workshops that taught her what is needed to manage small businesses from product innovation, market outreach, managing finances, and others. She also participated in local and international conferences and exhibitions.

Based in Palestine, Tulkram, Sabbagh now reaches out to her customers through her social media platform, which sells a range of products from clothes to bags, shoes and accessories.


‘I wish these ideas turn into a reality and enter an international market.’

Sabbagh attended the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Online Marketing Workshop in Jordan in April 2016, which taught her and other participants how to market their products online.

The workshop has helped over 200 women expand their businesses online and become familiar with the tech world. Previously held in Jordan, Morocco, Indonesia, and Kenya, its objectives are to empower women around the world by providing an opportunity for participants to reach out and engage in training to better manage their businesses.

Women like Sabbagh still need concrete bridges to help dreams become a reality.

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24 Feb 2017
Last modified: 22 Jan 2019
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