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Using her online experience to empower other women

by WIEF Foundation

Riski Hapsari from East Java, Indonesia, recalls how she almost gave up on the idea of having an online business when her previous website for KoleksiKikie was shut down. Fortunately, Riski— who calls herself Kikie — had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Regional WIEF Online Marketing Workshop in Surabaya, Indonesia in 2013, along with other women entrepreneurs from East Java.

At the workshop, she learned how to create her own website to sell her products online. Under the tutelage of the trainer during the workshop, Amier Anis, Kikie first developed a blog (https://blogkoleksikikie.wordpress.com), which won second place in a competition.

From that learning experience, Kikie went on to develop www.koleksikikie.com for her business six months ago. The website has done wonders for Kikie’s business.

Her sales revenue has already seen a two-fold increase, compared to the revenue from the previous year.

Kikie has also been inspired by the workshop to pass on her knowledge to other women entrepreneurs. She will be working with the Indonesian Government through the PNPM Mandiri programme to provide training in a few villages in Gresik, in order to empower women in rural areas. She will also be training 150 women from diverse backgrounds on Women’s Day this year.

Kikie’s accomplishments, augmented by her can-do spirit, demonstrate that WBN’s activities can pave the way for women to leverage on their existing talents to achieve success.

29 Nov 2016
Last modified: 2 Apr 2019
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